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A Letter to My Sixteen Year-Old Self

Oh, good heavens.

Dear Sixteen Year-Old Self,

The world’s got me dizzy again. You’d think after 23 years I’d be used to the spin. Just kidding! Not about the Bright Eyes part, you’ll still appreciate Conor Oberst’s lyrical talent well into your 20s, but good news!: You won’t be as contemplative, melodramatic, or as generally bummed out in 2012 as you are now. Anyway, mistakes are worth making in the name of growing up and having fun, but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a few things I wish you knew back in 2005.

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Interview With Pop Icon Peter Max, America’s Most Collected Artist

In April I had the pleasure of visiting with Peter Max at his studio in Manhattan. After realizing that we were both in the city our simple phone interview evolved into an entire evening complete with dinner and a tour of his Technicolor workspace. Read on for Mr. Max’s take on sudden fame, having 26 iPods, and what it means to go from the Woodstock set to a vegan, yoga-centered lifestyle. Personal swami included.

Find the interview here.

In Transit: Your Twenties Are the Junior High of Adulthood

I have these fleeting thoughts, coming and going, going and coming. I try my best to capture them in writing but in New York, this absolute epicenter of innovation, birth of new ideas, trials, errors, and massive successes, thoughts are often gone as soon as they come.

How do I match a coffee table to a rug? How do I file taxes and when? Should I pick up fresh flowers to keep in my apartment? Where is the line between being “myself” and carefully curating my words and actions to accomodate status quo and social niceties? The world’s vastness swallows me  up and the endless options spit me out. Countless books, lists of movies, schedules of art shows, and music recommendations saturate my life while I’m surrounded by the free-spirited, the uptight, and those concerned with the trivial. I’m exhausted by my mind’s massive leaping from things like what Sarah Jessica Parker and my boss have planned for tonight and how the homeless double amputee ended up where he is. I eat homemade peanut butter sandwiches so I can on some level justify wandering through Bendel’s and Bergdorf’s at lunch. I clutch my Kate Spade as I catch the JMZ, passing the stop where a stray bullet hit a seven year old last month.

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Dealing With Heartbreak on a Familial Level

Family-related heartbreak is a peculiar thing in that it is both inescapable and inevitable, and despite different circumstances and varying degrees of severity everyone deals with it. Things that make up a typical day in one home could be seen as a cake walk or nightmare in another. Divorce, untimely death, undiagnosed or unacknowledged mental incapacity, financial woes, a rogue sibling, abuse in the shape of emotional, physical, or substance, chronic or terminal illness, you name it- everyone has a unique combination of familial issues, the residue of which seems to follow you around long after your 18th birthday. No matter if you perceive it as having been more positive or negative, home life has a direct correlation to our ability (or lack thereof) to relate to and empathize with people in general.

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Jay Godfrey on Life-Changing Cocktail Parties, Being Excited For Work Every Day, and How He Went From the Financial District to Fashion Design

During my time at D Magazine I had the honor of interviewing New York-based fashion designer Jay Godfrey while he was in Dallas for spring/summer market. Check out what this gracious family man has to say. His genuine excitement about his career is infectious and inspiring.

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