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A Year and a Half in Summation

One of my favorite pastimes is having juvenile life realizations and, with my self-righteous stock of words, attempting to convey the seemingly profound to any readership I may have. My mind reels, my fingers fly across the keyboard, and I think, “I want this excitement to be infectious, this enlightenment to be liberating!”. Meanwhile my trite discovery already sits stale in the back of every other well-adjusted adult’s mind and I’m over here betting and banking on the hope that you all find this process endearing, if not mildly entertaining. With that being said, welcome back! It’s been a while. For my next act of self-deprecation I’ll rip into how pretentious I sound in the written word.

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The Beginning of Something Big

I’ve got so many thoughts, all seemingly unoriginal and previously tried. However, isn’t that what people want to read, bits of familiarity dipped in articulation? An eloquent portrayal of an indescribable feeling, the simple satisfaction of knowing someone feels like you do? Essentially a temporary cure for loneliness, a comforting, warm bed in the shape of a book filled with people who couldn’t possibly disappear after a finite number of pages? Tiny, untraceable ideas dawn in my mind, each bearing the affectations of everything that passes through my irises and eardrums. They’re anxious to be transcribed to form a place one would feel desperate to physically delve into, a fantastic engulfment. I want these ideas to jump off pages and captivate readers. I want them to provide a temporary escape to a place absent of pretension, a place where the once mundane and trivial become bewitching and gripping.

The open-ended nature of creativity is simultaneously the most daunting and exciting thing about it.


Interview With Pint Size Painting Prodigy Autumn de Forest


Autumn de Forest is paying a visit to Dallas/Fort Worth this October and I had the opportunity to chat with her last month on behalf of Fort Worth Key Magazine. Wise beyond her years and a captivating conversationalist, read on to see what the ten year old has to say about her work/life balance, boxing skills, and main squeeze Ewan McGregor.

Find the interview here.


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Jay Godfrey on Life-Changing Cocktail Parties, Being Excited For Work Every Day, and How He Went From the Financial District to Fashion Design

During my time at D Magazine I had the honor of interviewing New York-based fashion designer Jay Godfrey while he was in Dallas for spring/summer market. Check out what this gracious family man has to say. His genuine excitement about his career is infectious and inspiring.

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The Weightlessness of Not Worrying

For several months no one knew I had a blog. Not my mother, not my best friends, not even my grandmother (who is my biggest writing cheerleader). Why? Because I was afraid I was going to get a negative response and, although it sounds melodramatic now, laughed at. I was afraid of being vulnerable. Have you ever wanted to do something but other people’s possible opinions tripped you up? Were you being Anxiety Girl, able to jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound?

It might just be me, but I doubt it.

I hate to be trite but it must be said: If someone truly cares about you they’ll be on your team (see: no negative responses or laughter). Besides, if you have a big dream with a big game plan to match you’ve got to tell as many people as possible so it can indeed come to fruition- secret success is a bit of an oxymoron, no?

I finally decided to stop worrying about, say, what that “ahead-of-the-game” hipster acquaintance of mine might think about my writing, and now that I’ve gone public with ye olde blog I’ve actually received a lot of positive feedback. I know that’s not guaranteed or always the outcome (or even the point) but it highlights what a waste of energy my previous apprehension was.

The bottom line is-  I’m enjoying cultivating this site no matter the nature of people’s reactions because I love to write, and this post is an attempt to save people from wasting time like I did. I encourage you to be proactive and to stop agonizing over what other people might think about something you’ve been wanting to do. If you take a step back and look at the big picture you realize how silly it is to let other people’s idle opinions discourage you, anyway.

Surround yourself with other positive go-getters. Be unapologetically passionate about doing something you want to do and go for it.


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