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Style Tip Sunday: Effortlessly Chic Hair Style for Any Age


Whenever a new year rolls around it’s fun to change things up, hair included.

I’ve always admired girls with naturally voluminous tresses and the ability to pull off trendy or experimental hairstyles, trying out new parts, pins, braids, headbands, and updos. My unfortunately fine, limp head of hair comes equipped with four cowlicks and has been a one trick pony (straight and down) until about a year ago, when I learned how to use an Earth-ruining amount of hairspray to create a head of curls. Although a refreshing change, curls have been limited to special occasions due to the impractical amount of time they take to create.

Alas, my hair was back to square one: always straight and down.

One day while interning at D my supervisor Kristin Hull came in with a chic, perfectly round bun. I assumed it was yet another style unattainable for me and my boring hair, so I was surprised when she yanked a sock out of her hair and gushed about how easy the style was to do. She then recreated the bun, sans mirror. I was sold.

Fortunately Kristin posted about the sock bun on her Mommy Stylist blog, video tutorial included. She’s talking to moms, but the instructions go for everyone.

Also a great way to mask a bad hair day, this style is too good not to share. I hope it will be a relief to those of you who struggle with your hair as much as I do. Try it out, change things up. It’s easy, chic, and classy. Win, win, win.


Style Tip Sunday: Comb Over Edition

Comb overs- they’re no longer associated with the middle-aged and balding…

Hot and dangerous?


…or just men.

Now, this picture of Ke$ha is actually one of the least offensive female comb overs I’ve seen as she almost pulls it off as glamour hair. Almost. I put a celebrity picture up so I didn’t get a brick through my window later for putting someone from Facebook on blast, and believe me when I say I had many options from ye olde social network.

My question is, do you not realize you have a comb over? And I don’t mean to be tacky when I ask- do you really think your comb over looks okay? There are times when I practically have to sit on my hands to stop myself from reaching out and re-parting a friend’s hair. (Ah, the relief.) I just want to know how girl hair-parting got so out of hand.

As a girl with four cowlicks on my fine, limp head of hair I understand how tedious and frustrating it can be to not only find a part that fits your face but is in style as well. I am also a girl who, due to aforementioned cowlicks, has never quite been able to pull off a middle part (to each his own). Does that mean I part my hair at my right ear and pull all of my hair left? HAIL NO!

This guy looked past the comb over, good for him.


I wish I could puff out my chest and say that I’ve never stooped to the female comb over but there are a few questionable pictures from 2007. The reason why I admit this is because I don’t want anyone to think I’m just raggin’ on girls with bad hair, because I’ve been there and *cringe* done that.

With all of that being said…

Here’s the thing about comb overs: they didn’t work out for the male population so let’s stop this whole looking-past-your-female-comb-over thing before it gets any more out of hand. Donald Trump was apparently oblivious to his hideous comb over before people started to mock it, so before one of you comb over-laden ladies sky rocket to fame and your bad hair is all over Perez Hilton I’m just trying to help a sista out.

I promise promise no matter who you are or what kind of face shape or hair type you have you will look astronomically better sans the comb over. No more brushing the hair out of your eyes or setting off metal detectors with the 100 bobby pins needed to hold your embarrassingly low part in place. Remember, you’re not a balding man (at least I don’t think you are. If you are, disregard this sentence). Embrace your head of hair and part it where it deserves to be parted.

A completely under control side part. Just lovely, Emma Stone.


What do you think? Comb overs: hell no or give it a go? :)




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