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Winter White

Ages ago a reader emailed me asking whether winter white was a faux pas and to address the rules that pertain to it, if any. Old school, season-specific fashion guidelines seem to have gone by the wayside but there are still some steadfast things to remember (find quick tips at the bottom of this post). Winter white has potential to be incredibly chic but fabric must be considered. For instance, while a white cotton sundress or flowy sheer top would be inappropriate for fall/winter the weight of a white tweed or angora works. Find some more ideas below.



Clockwise from top left: AKRIS Reversible Cashmere Robe CoatBelstaff Dorchester 36 Leather Satchel Bag in Optic WhiteWorth Banded Bouclé Tweed DressSMYTHE Faux Shearling Bix JacketMichael Kors Chronograph Watchrag & bone ‘Grand Prix Motocross’ Paneled Leggings Womens Winter White; Céline F/W 2012 White Pumps (similar)



Clockwise from top left: Zalando Collection Cocktail Dress $72Cream Bobble Knit Snood $25; Romwe Leather Spliced White Short Blazer $76OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow $7Fur Lapel Slim Wool White Coat $69; Mango Straight-Cut Suit Trousers $60Wildfox Couture Cowskull Ring in Matte White $59Tory Burch Cole Logo Stud Earrings in Ivory $68; H&M Leather Shoes in White $96


5 Inexpensive and Hilarious Gift Ideas For the Holiday Season


Tired of giving candles, novelty sweets from department stores, and ties? While all three of those typical gifts are safe, satisfaction-guaranteed options, sometimes it’s refreshing to mix it up.

One of the best things about the internet is the birth of niche market availability, meaning there are products for practically every obscure interest in existence. While this means the Crazy Cat Lady can find a feline license plate frame, a cat mouse pad, and a Maine Coon Keepsake box (naturally), it also means that you can find some truly personalized items to purchase for the loved ones you’re buying for this month.

As a person who receives the What On Earth? catalog on a regular basis, subscribes to the Cool Sh*t You Can Buy email newsletter, and ravages Skymall in a laughter-filled fit every time I’m aboard an aircraft, I’ve seen a lot of funny products. For this post I rounded up some of my favorites for gifts.

1. Put Your Face (Or Someone Else’s) On a Pillow


Scary or funny? I think both. Whether the gift-receiver loves or hates the face you put on the pillow, there’s a lot of room for creativity with this one. At only $30 (shipping included!)  it’s definitely worth checking out.

2. Awkward Family Photos: 2013 Day-to-Day Calendar



The book is nothing new, but 365 days of Awkward Family Photos? Count me in. This is for the person who is either a) appreciative of awkward people or b) awkward and aware of it.

Tip: Get a better price at Amazon instead of the Awkward Family Photos website.

3. Gangsta Greeting Cards

I’ve been eyeballing these for a while.


Make someone’s note cards more memorable with an elegantly printed rap lyric on the front. This Etsy account has cards decorated with everything from Juvenile to Drake lyrics, and her tagline “letterpress greeting cards for people with personalities” really hits the nail on the head. Enjoy.

4. Pillowig


Perfect for the narcoleptic in your life, or perhaps the family member/friend with a really developed sense of humor. I’m not even sure this is still available for purchase, but I think it’d be fairly easy to DIY.

…Who doesn’t need a Pillowig?

5. What?


What? is a right combination of Balderdash and Apples to Apples. Speaking from experience, this game has laugh-until-you-cry potential. It’s the perfect gift for the light-hearted host/hostess or for a family with a lot of witty, extroverted members.


Some people can be really challenging to buy for, especially if they “have everything” or you exchange gifts with them year after year and seem to have run out of fresh ideas. Try giving a humor-laden gift to those people this year. If it doesn’t work out you can always go back to the tried and true presents- they are popular for a reason, after all.


Women’s Holiday Sweater Roundup

If you’re challenged by layering like yours truly sweaters, especially of the oversized persuasion, are a winter godsend. They can be thrown on with a pair of leggings or over a simple dress and belted, dressed up with a heel or relaxed with a warm boot. I like to pair fancier sweaters with flat boots to keep a high-low comfortability and the quirkier ones with heels in order to balance the man repelling factor. Whether you aim to look chic or borderline-obnoxious-festive this holiday season I’ve got you covered. Now stop buggin’ out in front of your closet and go swig some egg nog.


Left to right, top to bottom: 3.1 Philip Lim Graphic Print Pullover; Alice + Olivia Sequined Stretch-Silk Top on sale; Preen Checker Intarsia Knit Sweater; Moschino Cheap & Chic Fanny Sweater; Peter Pilotto Womens Patterned Turtleneck; Stella McCartney Cropped Checkered Sweater on sale; Brian Lichtenberg Homies Sweatshirt; Donna Karan Textured Alpaca Blend Jumper; Topshop Knitted Xmas Polar Bear  Jumper


 Left to right, top to bottom: Topshop Camoflage jumper $80; J.Crew La Parisienne sweater $98; Blond & Blond Stud Shoulder Jumper $51; Jeane Blush Rock Me Sweater $64;  Topshop Knitted Xmas Holly Jumper $100; River Island Black Sequin Polar Bear Christmas Print Top (similar $73); Romwe Off-Shoulder Apricot Jumper $46; SheInside Black Batwing Long Sleeve Deer Print Sweater $32; Romwe Mohair Cream Jumper $77 (also in dark blue $77)


Things I Love Thursday

Hark! The hiatus is over and I want to give a massive thanks to readers who checked my blog regularly despite the post drought- I see you. Those of you who know me personally are probably aware of the unforeseen and traumatic circumstance that rained over my family the past six weeks, creating a backburner blog among other things. I went home to Texas for a month and about three weeks ago things began to settle, allowing me to return to NYC and resume life as usual, or at least to the best of my ability. This evening I was going to throw up a post about holiday sweaters but decided to bump it after Gala Darling‘s Things I Love Thursday post dinged in my email inbox. Although sweaters are obviously fashionable, functional, and therefore post-worthy Gala’s post got me thinking. What better time than when you’re successfully surfacing from a garbage situation to put together a list of gratitude?

mimos at the Macy’s Day Parade with one of my nearest and dearest

an urban chicken in Brooklyn on Thanksgiving

precious niece after a dance performance

Manhattan and Queens from the air

a brush with Grace Coddington

a BFF and a baby bump – someone new to love

My high school best friend spending five hilarious days in New York, including Thanksgiving. A fresh Moleskine. Getting surprise cards in the mail. Game of Thrones marathons and the worst best/worst movie ever Lizard Baby. Gettin’ live at my alma mater for the University of North Texas homecoming. Seeing the Macy’s Day Parade in person. Pumpkin spice coffee and a splash of Frangelico. Late night grilled cheese. Icing completely unsuspecting people. End of the world party planning. “LYLAS”. Amy interviewing me for The New Lady Times (!!!). Sequined dresses that make me look like a Christmas tree in drag. Chocolate cake shots for the birthday girl and neverending mimos. Belstaff being all over Breaking Dawn Part 2. This Too Short song. Spending invaluable time with my two and four year old nephew and niece. An affordable, bottomless brunch that doubles as a club, DJ and all (win, win, win). Booking a flight home for Christmas. Having the opportunity to meet Grace Coddington, the creative director of American Vogue. Conor Oberst concluding with Waste of Paint at Carnegie Hall. Amazing grace and generosity pouring out of friends, family, and coworkers during a trying time. Thirty-five years of marriage for my inspiring, devoted parents. And finally… divine intervention and the fact that the number of brothers I have has not changed.



Item of the Day


If I had one fall wish: Miu Miu Black Suede and Glitter Peep Toe Pumps. Just when I thought glittered shoes were played out and over, these beauties paraded into my life via Belle & Clive email and they’re on sale. I don’t know about you but I’ve had a lot of seasonal apprehension. How’s this for a swift kick into autumn?



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