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Item of the Day


If I had one fall wish: Miu Miu Black Suede and Glitter Peep Toe Pumps. Just when I thought glittered shoes were played out and over, these beauties paraded into my life via Belle & Clive email and they’re on sale. I don’t know about you but I’ve had a lot of seasonal apprehension. How’s this for a swift kick into autumn?


What College Did Not Prepare Me For


There are a few things that universities are notorious for leaving out of the general curriculum and they mostly pertain to finance: how to file your own taxes and things like, I don’t know, what a W2 actually means, how to best get yourself out of student loan debt, and even habits as simple as balancing your checkbook and steering clear of credit cards. Fortunately I have parents that were aware of the ways in which public education would fail me and they did their best to fill in the gaps. There were other small things I was told to expect after graduation day, usually woefully or condescendingly relayed to me from recent grads. One particularly dramatic alum told me to “get ready to cry a lot”. Maybe it’s just me, but the days of 50¢ wells and the hangovers they created, cramming all night and forgetting everything immediately after, and the melodramatic, financially-draining situations mean sorority sisters thrust upon me have yet to overwhelm me with bouts of tearful nostalgia in the nine months I’ve been out of school. There is one post-college happening that completely blindsided me, though. I’d never heard it mentioned and the idea never crossed my mind so there is no way I could have mentally prepared for  the almost complete disbandment of my collegiate group of friends.

Do I still speak to these people? Yes. Do I still care about the details of their life and general well-being? Of course. Something that I can no longer say yes to, though, is the complete revolution of my plans around this tight knit group of friends. During school the people I ran around with were my team. If there was a snow day, we were slipping, sliding, and laughing all the way to each others’ houses. If there was a birthday, we were baking a cake and making a Facebook invitation for dinner. If there was a holiday worthy of a celebration, the girls were party-proofing the house and the boys were picking up the keg. If it was a Tuesday night in October and someone wanted to watch a scary movie on a whim, some of us went to Blockbuster and some of us went to buy popcorn. We didn’t have to knock before walking into each other’s houses and things as mundane as grocery shopping on a Sunday night were rarely completed in isolation and were often practically turned into a social event.

One of the few college friends I’m still close with, goofin’ in our backyard on our last first day of school.

Now not only are we geographically scattered, but the parallels in our lives have all veered away from each other as well. Relationships used to be something we’d idly discuss and laugh about over a hungover Tex Mex lunch and they’ve quickly become a focal point, “I”s evolving into “we”s, bridal showers being planned instead of toga parties. Our thoughts have shifted from date parties to electric bills, from matching Halloween costumes to which reasonable boots to buy for winter. Gone are the days of the spontaneous bar or poolside rendezvous, first replaced with dinner dates made a week in advance, and now silence is broken by a birthday text or an overdue and mostly guilt-driven phone conversation or email.

If Facebook didn’t exist I’m not sure I’d even know where these people resided or what they did for a living.

I’ve come to the conclusion that college is a four year long meeting. People from high schools and towns you didn’t even know existed pour into an institution of higher education and you meet them while wearing the same colors and cheering on the same team. You become friends with them while they’re in your clubs, rush group, and economics class. You become integral to each other’s lives while you live, intern, and graduate together. Then they’re gone. When the time is up and we’ve all received the piece of paper we came there for it’s like a rock got dropped into a pond, leaving us rippling off in our own directions. It’s not a sad or happy thing but merely a strange sensation to look back on how vastly different things were just a short time ago. College towns seem to only be a place of transition, in my case 36,000 people crossing paths for a four year spell before continuing on.

I’m gonna go watch The Big Chill now, or something.



Good Green

They say green draws wealth, brings good luck, symbolizes fertility, and means “nature”. I say whatever. The moral of this story, young padawan, is that green looks nice on everyone.


Clockwise from top left: Chloé Color-Block Leather Envelope Clutch (similar); Kendra Scott Abena Cuff BraceletMarc by Marc Jacobs Bright Grass Green Big Hearted Jacquard TopGianvito Rossi Bottle Green BootieYves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Large Leather Satchel Tartan GreenI Love New York Earth Day by Bond No. 9 FragranceMonica Vinader Isla 18-Karat Gold-Vermeil Green Onyx EarringsBrian Atwood Manic Patent-Leather Platform Pumps (similar $41); Issa Cutout Ribbed Knit DressMatthew Williamson Embellished Jacquard Mini (similar)


Clockwise from top left: Statement of the Art Necklace in Peacock $50; Handmade Polymer Clay Dangle Earrings Green $4; Opulence England Lace and Tulle Tutu Dress $99; Mini Green Lion Embellished Suedette Ballet $35; Miss Selfridge Aqua Green Sequin Mini $21; Rachel Roy Evvah Booties $104 (similar $70); Merona Zip Top Coin Purse $5; H&M Shorts in Dark Green $32; Romwe Drawstring Green Dress $58; Star Talks Batwing Style Sleeveless Green Coat $78


Monday Pick-Me-Up

When all else fails, make half jokes.

A hush has fallen over the hood part of Bushwick as my roommate and I scramble to find a roof to put over our heads before my lease is up Friday. Sleep has been lost, tears have been shed, Craigslist has been scoured, and New York contacts have been notified in vain as there is nary an apartment in sight. In times like these the size of my to-do list is inversely related to my motivation to cross things off; the more things that are added, the heavier my limbs become. The pinnacle of my anxiety-riddled weekend happened after an unproductive Saturday scrolling through apartment spam, scams, and rare out-of-budget gems. “Just one movie,” I thought, “I haven’t seen that Elizabeth Taylor movie Giant. That’ll be nice. I’ll watch that and then get back to work.”

Those of you who are brushed up on old movies are probably already thinking “uh oh”. Yes, amidst a personal housing crisis in New York I unknowingly tuned into a three hour epic about none other than the Lone Star State. A Texas sized movie, if you will. I grab my phone, accidentally igniting iTunes and there it is staring right back at me: the album cover for Josh Abbott Band’s “She’s Like Texas” single. Coincidences concerning my home state have further accentuated the unsettling feeling at the pit of my stomach and are an unwelcome distraction, adding a dash of homesickness to Friday’s looming homelessness.

The obvious solution seems to be the most challenging. Today Rick Warren sent out a timely Daily Hope email that included this sentence: “The very situation you think is going to swallow you up will become your greatest victory when you trust God and step out in faith.” I’m at my wit’s end, and although this is my last card to play it should have been my first. Nothing is more wasteful then time consumed by worry and I’m tired of wasting.

So this Monday I leave you with this:


What do you need to let go?


Velvet Underground

There aren’t many materials that say “lush” better than velvet. Its irresistable tactility is timeless, chic*, and forever tied to glamour, and with fall already right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about what to wear when the weather changes. If you’re gearing up for real cold snaps a velvet article of clothing will do, but if the weather is stubbornly hot well into the autumn of your locale an accessory will keep you season appropriate without sacrificial sweating.


Clockwise from top left: Balmain Velvet Smoking Jacket; Givenchy Wide Velvet Studded Cuff; Miu Miu Velvet Embroidered Slip On; Burberry Prorsum Velvet Bow Belt; L’Wren Scott Amethyst Velvet Pencil Skirt; Lanvin Velvet Tank Dress; Nicholas Kirkwood Metallic-Platform Velvet Bootie; House of Harlow 1960 ‘Rey’ Velvet Pouch


Clockwise from top left: Promise Shoes Kailin $50; Juicy Couture Flair Oversized Blow Clutch $58; Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake $3.50; Harlequin Plain Velvet Bolster Cushion $46; Topshop Merlot Mini Stud Slippers $56; Velvet Mesh Super Skinny Belt $19.50; Black Velvet Godet Skirt $90; Topshop Black Velvet Shorts $64; Forzieri Ladies’ Solid Velvet Gloves $48

*…when done right. Even though we’re still hot on the heels of the Olympics I would steer clear of crushed velvet, lest you look like a 16 year-old gymnast. Shout out to the Fierce Five, though!



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