Monday Pick-Me-Up

by Bailey Powell

When all else fails, make half jokes.

A hush has fallen over the hood part of Bushwick as my roommate and I scramble to find a roof to put over our heads before my lease is up Friday. Sleep has been lost, tears have been shed, Craigslist has been scoured, and New York contacts have been notified in vain as there is nary an apartment in sight. In times like these the size of my to-do list is inversely related to my motivation to cross things off; the more things that are added, the heavier my limbs become. The pinnacle of my anxiety-riddled weekend happened after an unproductive Saturday scrolling through apartment spam, scams, and rare out-of-budget gems. “Just one movie,” I thought, “I haven’t seen that Elizabeth Taylor movie Giant. That’ll be nice. I’ll watch that and then get back to work.”

Those of you who are brushed up on old movies are probably already thinking “uh oh”. Yes, amidst a personal housing crisis in New York I unknowingly tuned into a three hour epic about none other than the Lone Star State. A Texas sized movie, if you will. I grab my phone, accidentally igniting iTunes and there it is staring right back at me: the album cover for Josh Abbott Band’s “She’s Like Texas” single. Coincidences concerning my home state have further accentuated the unsettling feeling at the pit of my stomach and are an unwelcome distraction, adding a dash of homesickness to Friday’s looming homelessness.

The obvious solution seems to be the most challenging. Today Rick Warren sent out a timely Daily Hope email that included this sentence: “The very situation you think is going to swallow you up will become your greatest victory when you trust God and step out in faith.” I’m at my wit’s end, and although this is my last card to play it should have been my first. Nothing is more wasteful then time consumed by worry and I’m tired of wasting.

So this Monday I leave you with this:


What do you need to let go?


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