Monday Pick-Me-Up

by Bailey Powell

I think it’s safe to say that Monday is the day of the week that a fire under our buns is most needed. I came across this video of Will Smith waxing motivational while perusing The Starchasers blog and liked it so much I watched it twice, so naturally I wanted to share it with all of you.

Talk about some Monday morning mental coffee! I think there are two main points to be taken from his message: Always leave a place, thing, or group of people better than you found it by way of positive contribution. Secondly, do all things with love. Nothing can be substituted for a genuine passion about the task you’re currently undertaking. Even if it’s not your favorite thing to do or personally fulfilling, whatever it is does indeed effect someone. However indirect, give that person the gift of your honest hard work and commitment to doing your best.

I believe anything approached with a selfless attitude and unadulterated hard work and drive will always end well.


Go get em tiger.



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