Things I Love Thursday

by Bailey Powell


I used to post weekly gratitude lists dubbed “Things I Love Thursday” a la Gala Darling, but as time passed my interests veered and I became dedicated to other post topics. It’s been too long so today I’m giving a shout out to the good things in life as of late.

Flea market finds.

Being gifted DVF from a very kind colleague who had worked there for years and noticed how much I love it (!!!).

Big Texas hair.

Sweet niece on the 4th of July.

My nephew’s Buddha belly.

Cookies that’ll change ya life.

Surprise birthday parties. Skeeball and Pac Man. Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager. Sparklers. Old friends introducing me to new friends. Temporary tattoos. “You can’t fight people in the river”. Chelsea Market gelato. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series. Trips to the Natural Museum of History. Vegan diners. Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Finding decent enchiladas in New York. “USA” and “Let’s get weird!” chants. Exitmusic. New York beaches. Getting made homemade mojitos with mint from the garden out front. Walking the High Line on a sunny day. Driving. Texas country. Tangerine nail polish that looks like liquid sunshine. “Back to Back World War Champs”. Floating the river and (half) jokingly warning strangers about the “wild brush”. Taking a nap on my parents couch (it’s the little things). Kerbey Lane brunch and complementary coffee to go. Being reunited with my dogs. Sleepy children on the train falling asleep on me. Impromptu Broadway show attending. My homemade chocolate chip cookies descending on New York. Chic scarves and weekender bags. Hittin’ up the yoga mat. Being almost finished with the entire Friends series (I see you pop culture references). Silver lining and screwdrivers on airplanes. Chanel Chance and big statement earrings. Chocolate covered strawberries. Slap the bag. Unintentional intertube-induced tidal waves. Getting paid to do what I love. And finally… rolling up to a bar in downtown Austin solo in a pedicab and the patrons bursting into applause (LOL).

What/who’s been making your day lately?



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