Guest Post: To Bikini or Not to Bikini, 10 Tips to Get the Perfect Fit

by Bailey Powell



Tomorrow marks the first day of June and it’s no longer arguable: swimsuit season is officially here. I think it’s safe to say that after the age of 13 most of us experience some degree of dread when it comes to shopping for a bathing suit. Lucky for us writer Cindy Prosser has swooped in to help, providing insightful tips on how to minimize your flaws and highlight your (ahem) assets.


The mere thought of bikini season strikes terror into the hearts of many women. Some opt out entirely, choosing to buy one-pieces or to simply stay away from the water altogether. It’s no surprise why: Choose the wrong bikini for your body and you end up emphasizing all the features you’d rather hide.

Before you give up on bikinis, check out the following tips for getting the perfect fit. Whether you’re interested in making your hips look smaller, your bust look bigger, or your legs look longer, there’s a flattering swimsuit out there for you. Here are some common problem areas and how each one can be minimized:

Bust: Bandeau tops look great on smaller chests, as do triangle tops, which are often too revealing for large-busted women. Stripes across the chest create the appearance of curves and ruffles or light padding can make your chest look bigger than it is. On the other hand, if you’re on the larger side opt for an underwire cup and more coverage.

Stomach: If you’re worried that your stomach’s not ready for bikini season compromise with a tankini, which offers the freedom of motion of a two-piece and most of the coverage of a one-piece. Another option is to go for a high-waisted bikini bottom which, incidentally, is a hot fashion trend at the moment.

Pear shape: You probably already know that dark colors are slimming, so if you’re looking to minimize a larger derriere or thighs wear a dark color on bottom and something brighter on top. Swim skirts can also be your friend, though watch out for where they fall- sometimes they just make things worse. Stick to bikini briefs rather than boy shorts, which make your backside look bigger.

Boyish shape: If you have a boyish figure you can create the illusion of curves by choosing a suit with a lot of bells and whistles, or rather, bows and ruffles. Wear a colorful suit with lots of elements that add visual interest and draw the eye in.

Short legs: Make your legs look longer by wearing high-cut bikini bottoms. Go for briefs rather than a swim skirt or boy shorts. The more leg you show, the longer your legs look.



Now that you know how to minimize problem areas, read up on the effect various elements of your suit will have on how your body looks:

Accessories: Any details added to a suit draw the eye toward them. This can be buttons, belts, beads, ties, ruffles, embroidery, or any other extras. Buy suits with these details only on areas you want to bring attention to.

Style/coverage: Ironically, if you’re trying to minimize an area of your body the trick is often to wear less coverage on that area. For example, a large piece of fabric covering your chest or bottom actually makes those areas appear larger.

Color: As mentioned before, dark colors minimize and light colors emphasize, so wear dark shades on any areas you’d like to appear smaller and light colors on areas you’d like to draw eyes toward.

Print: Prints can go a long way in terms of focusing the eye on one particular part of your body, so pay close attention to where prints fall on a suit you’re interested in.

Material: In the same way that light colors do, shiny material tends to emphasize body parts. Reserve shininess for areas you feel good about bringing attention to, especially if you choose a lighter colored suit.



You are now armed with the knowledge you need to make good choices in the dressing room. Remember, knowledge is power. Be afraid of bikini season no longer.


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