Things I Love Thursday: NYC Preparations and Fashion Week Solidifications!

by Bailey Powell


Happy Thursday! This week has brought a beautifying-themed girls night, an interview with Jane Seymour, lots of lists, plotting and planning. It’s hard to believe I’m leaving for New York Tuesday and my next TILT post will be from the city! …Shall we press onward with the happy list?

A DVF Dream Come True

Since I have an interview at Donna Karan New York to help during market week (*excited hand clap*) I justified snagging what I think is a practical, black, tiered DKNY mini skirt off of to wear for the occasion. As I was piddling about the website post-purchase I found myself in the beloved Diane von Furstenberg section. (I feel as if DVF is to my 20s as Betsey Johnson was to my teenage years. Don’t get me wrong- I still love Betsey.) Swoon. Anyway, I came across this modern, chic gem:


…and after deciding even the slashed price was still out of my range (and that feeling being solidified by my size being out of stock), I closed the Safari window and moved on.

I went to Nordstrom Rack today on a whim and, lo and behold, there was the jacket perched on the clearance rack in my size, in all it’s solitary glory. Oh, I’ll just cut to the chase- it was originally $465 and I snapped it up for $35. Yes, you read that right. As a granddaughter of a thrift store owner and daughter of a self-pronounced bargain queen I feel as if I have officially earned my deal-hunting stripes. ‘Twas fate, that jacket. Pictures soon.

Puppy dog nose!


The Little Things.

Deborah Lippmann nail polish. Plans for helping out at Oscar de la Renta for NYFW being solidified (!!!). Wu-Tang Clan on Monday afternoons. Free vegetarian dinners at Cafe Brazil. Amy Wingard’s latest post with specific workouts and video tutorials. Gala Darling’s Love & Sequins sale. All things Trina Turk, especially cardigans equipped with sequins. Cup after cup of coffee + organic rice milk. Duncan’s guest post for my blog finally being live (read here for a humorously serious take on gym etiquette). Trips to Sprial Diner and vegan queso. Tommy Ton’s vibrant and inspiring street shots at Couture and Men’s Fashion Week. Intense games of Boggle. People trying things outside of their comfort zones and positive change occuring as a result. Rude Responses to Annoying Questions (Thought Catalog never fails). Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Marilyn Monroe in general. A head of fabulous, new lowlights. DVF’s spring line, specifically the mint “Dallas Dress”. Vegan cupcakes from Sprinkles. Making wonderful, inspirational, new female friends. And finally… the idea of venturing into NYC adult world in just a few days and the unexpected sense of peace I have about it. God is good.



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