Monday Pick-Me-Up

by Bailey Powell


What a compelling thought.

I once read something like, discipline is doing what you know you need to do even when you don’t really feel like doing it. It can apply to something small or big.

Small: As a fashion major it’s my duty to be up to date on the industry, and I have several fashion magazine subscriptions as a result of that. Although my stack of magazines waiting to be read isn’t growing it’s not getting any shorter, either. If I would spend half as much time catching up on reading as I do piddling around on the internet my stack would cease to exist.

Big: If I were to structure my days differently, stick to my to-do lists, and go to sleep when I should in order to be optimally productive during the days my whole life would improve.

Why is it so difficult to do what we need to do? Reread the quote at the top. What are you going to do this week that you know you’re capable of but haven’t been challenging yourself to do? Make a promise to yourself to practice discipline in one area of your life this week. Astonish yourself.


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