How to Wear Chartreuse

by Bailey Powell

I think a lot of women are wary of chartreuse because they see it as age-specific or too bold, and that’s such a shame! If worn correctly it can be flattering on women of any age or skin color, and is a fun way to update your wardrobe and be on-trend without becoming a fashion victim. I finally created a Polyvore account so I could provide examples of how it can be worn for certain age groups.

Some of the things shown are high-dollar and some are surprisingly inexpensive, but the main point of this post is to show you how to wear a look opposed to what exact things to buy. However, if you’re interested in where to find a specific piece simply click inside the age group and you will be whisked away to it’s actual Polyvore page complete with an inventory of everything shown.

In January I sent my mom a picture text holding those Steve Madden heels asking her to tell me why I should not buy them. (A: I’m  broke.) Aside from me being a financially strapped college student there wasn’t really a good reason to not get them- chartreuse accessories are an easy way to spice up a basic, black outfit, and everyone has those. (And anyone that knows me knows that I have enough black clothing to dress a small country.)

The dress for the “work” look is optimal because you can shed the cardigan and throw on some heels to go from day to dinner.

Maxi dresses are wonderful because they’re simultaneously comfortable and stylish- the perfect combo. Keep warm in the maxi this fall with a cozy cardigan thrown over it and tailor the whole look by belting it.

I made the work shoe a wedge because you can get away with that high of a heel but I know arch-support is becoming more important, too. Cat-eye shades are glamorous and timeless and apply to any age group. The best thing about them? They can be found for a pittance just about anywhere.

I kept the above-the-knee dress hemline safe with a pair of nude panty hose, but if you’ve got killer legs go ahead and nix them. With the age group in mind I made sure the pump had a modest heel and I threw in the leopard flat in the “play” look to keep things fresh and fun.

Inspiration: my paternal grandmother (she’s one snappy dresser, y’all). I thought it was fun to throw in the Chanel-esque two-tone sunglasses. You see, when you’re in the 70+ age group you’re allowed to be an unquestioned “glamorous eccentric” as Simon Doonan calls it. Go for it.

Try some chartreuse. Update your look and make getting dressed each day something you have fun with and to look forward to.



*I apologize to my email subscribers that got some crazy drafts before receiving the actual post- I’m a Polyvore rookie.