Coconuts Make Life Better

by Bailey Powell



Let’s talk coconuts. Ah, the power of this marvelous tropical fruit! It’s such a shame how many people seem to be unaware of the multiple forms of coconut and all of the things it can do for your cooking, baking, heart, metabolism and general health. There is quite more to it than the shavings on top pastries, so fear not: if you (are like my mother and) hate coconut shavings you can still reap the benefits of the fruit by consuming it in another one of it’s various forms.

Here are my two favorites:

My personal favorite.



Coconut water is like Gatorade without all the excess sugar and carbs, or SmartWater without the price tag. It replaces electrolytes and heals your body after a hard work out or- dare I say- a hard night of drinking.

It is naturally sterile, reduces high blood pressure, raises your metabolism and promotes weight loss. I feel like an obnoxious salesperson when I say that these are only a few of coconut water’s benefits. At under $2 a can it’s no problem to keep a few cans handy at all times, even for a broke college kid like me!



Coconut oil is the first coconut product I mixed into my diet and is, in my opinion, the most multifaceted.

It’s versatile in the kitchen acting as a main ingredient in vegan baking* and is ideal for cooking and sautéing due to it’s high heat tolerance. (Sensitive oils such as olive are quick to produce free radicals when overheated. Coconut oil is tough!)

Coconut oil can also be used for massage or tanning oil and as a hair conditioner.

I will admit that coco oil is high dollar- the 20oz. container above runs for about $11- but I am a firm believer that quality of food=quality of life. ;)

*Unrefined coconut oil is a bit more fleshy looking than refined, but I’ve found that they are mostly interchangeable in recipes.


But wait! There’s more:

Coconut ice cream is a delicious way to eliminate dairy, coconut flour can be used to substitute wheat-based flours for gluten-free diets and coconut butter is tasty on toast.

The moral of this story is: Step your coconut game up. Feel great.



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