Things I Love Thursday

by Bailey Powell

à la Gala Darling!

Captured this lovely bundle in Amsterdam

This absolutely captivating, twelve minute documentary:

If there’s one thing you click on in this post, let it be this short film. I guarantee you will be glued to the computer screen. My friend Gideon did an ace job on the cinematography (I’m assuming this is some type of final thesis project of his.) I can honestly say, though, that my friend being a part of the production has no correlation to how I feel about it. Check it out and enjoy!

Sidenote: I’ve always been impressed with people who can ride on a unicycle.

The Kind Campaign.


Always. I’ve mentioned it before but I love it so much it’s recurring. I am 100% about girl love and an entire post about this is in the works. Stay tuned- this stuff is very important!



As I am going home in a matter of days (whoa!) I figured I needed to take a few days to knock out all of the tourist-y London things I hadn’t done yet, which was just about everything. From bustin’ a munch on incredible veg food in Camden Town to geekin’ out at Shakespeare’s Globe, ya girl did some intense sightseeing the past four days and, being the organized gal I am, each day was jam-packed, strategically planned, and equal parts exciting and exhausting. I will write about my trip in detail in my fizzling out personal blog (that I’m pretty sure only my grandmother reads :) and will link it up on here in case anyone’s interested in the specifics of  my adventure into ye olde London towne.

The Little Stuff.


Making a yummy lotion concoction. 50 Reasons the World is Definitely Ending on Saturday is HILARIOUS. The fact that the world didn’t end. Making (vegan) quinoa and sweet potato salad from heaven. Galavanting through the London streets until dawn. “Every time I see you you’re either drunk or making a salad.” Beth Moore. Finally seeing Wicked. Going home in just twelve days!

What do you love this week? :)



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